Friday, May 7, 2010

An Open Letter to Sports

A Letter to Sports

I would like to start by saying that I have always worshiped and followed you and most of my childhood has been spent playing you, but lately I’ve had trouble with some of your most recent developments, I would like to address them, so that it feels like I'm making a difference, when truly this is as insignificant as a movie of pictures of my cat on youtube. Here are some of the things that I have issues with,

Your seasons are too long. They're drawn on that no one cares about baseball in May and everyone's tired of it by September. Also playoff baseball shouldn't be affected by the cold fall weather, I don't want to see players' breath or hear about how a pitcher is struggling because his hands are cold. A major part of baseball is tailgating on a beautiful summer day with friends and family. Not wishing you had an outlet for your space heater, while your family sits in the car with the heat on.

I'm also getting tired of team names, because they are all the same generic recycled ones, especially in high school and college levels, but they are also bad in the pros. I mean, why is it the Oklahoma City Thunder? o yea it rains so much in Oklahoma. And don't even get me started on the Redskins.[1] Also mascots are falling into this trap too, it seems as if every mascot out there is a cat, dog, or bird, I mean seriously if your mascot is a bald eagle in your team colors that is as original as a graduation video with "Time of your Life" playing in the background.

So the fact is, Sports, no matter what you do, people probably won't get tired of you like they do with other forms of entertainment (reading). The thing is Sports, I am addicted to you in a extreme way so that I see all your flaws as well as your greatest moments. When I watch you, it distracts me from everything bad around me. Whether it's homework, trouble with parents, or being bored, sports lets my mind take a break from all the stress and frustration, well at least when the Packers are winning.


[1] (It's in Washington D.C. for god's sake! if it was in Hicksville, Alabama or Illiterate I mean Austin, Texas it might make sense but the CAPITOL OF OUR COUNTRY. Actually did you know they were originally called the Washington Braves so over time they got more racist! I mean come on who the hell even thought of that! For punishment they should be called the Nationals or maybe the Senators.

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