Friday, May 14, 2010

GM's and a rant on russell and the Soupman

I think it is hilarious when sports teams make moves that not even they can justify completely, like how anyone thought JaMarcus Russell could be a good player, "ooooo he can throw da ball fars me pick him!" and you could say that was dilusional Al Davis, but everyone agreed with the pick! Yea well it's not like Quinn has turned out much better, another example of getting the Notre Dame hype, (watch it happen to Clausen too), I mean how bad of choices were Quinn and Russell, you know who was picked after Russell? ADRIAN PETERSON and CALVIN JOHNSON. I mean even Tyler Thigpen of the Chiefs a 7th round pick playing for an equally crappy team put up better numbers as a rookie then russell ever did.

But anyway sorry about getten on a lil'russell rant there back to GM"s. Remeber when the Grizzlies picked up Allen Iverson? who the hell thought of that?! o yea he would be fine coming off the bench for the Grizzlies (yea no problem he's an unselfish guy right? He will sacrifice his points for the team right? Especially a losing one. Right? Right?) I mean it's like sports owners don't even think how things would actually work out they just made the move to get some attention. Like anyone who is interested in players like, Milton Bradley, or Stephon Marbury, yea their mildly beneficial to your club, especially Bradley, but there are soooo many other options out there. Guys like this have to realize that the only time you can be all drama queens is when your a big star like Lebron or Tom Brady, they can say what they want, you know why? cuz their that fucken good! Also on a sidenote it's frustrating when they ridiculously overpay for an average player because he was solid in the playoffs (JEFF SUPPAN). It's like they assume that because their paying alot of money that that means he will be good.

Also I think it's funny that I admittedly wrote this like a couple of months ago and none of these players I say are still on their original teams, (exception being that bastard suppan). And for that matter only bradley is even on a team!

And here's what I hate about Suppan, he is a great guy. He is totally involved in the community and gives alot to charity, but that doesnt make you a good pitcher. So I want to cheer for him, I want to yell "SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUPPPP" with the rest of the crowd, but I just cant cuz hes completely lost it. It's that simple he has disappeared. And I dont think its an age thing, because yea hes lost some velocity but really he has lost accuracy and, well, intelligence! he isnt outsmarting hitters anymore. God I wish we had signed someone ANYONE else, I know the agent market was week but I'd still take a younger than now Randy Wolf, or a Sidney ponson cuz I mean come on this guy looks hilarious.

Yea I'd come to see this guy.


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