Saturday, May 8, 2010

The NCAA Overview

I know everyone gripes about the BCS so I will leave that alone (FOR NOW). But besides the BCS college has gotten most sports right, in basketball March Madness is amazingly perfect but I do think players should have to stay for at least two years not just one so there aren't as many busts in the NBA *coughGreg Odincough*. And also because this new rule would ultimately destroy John Calipari, which I think lots of people will be ok with. Also I understand they want more money (who doesnt?) but thank god they didn't expand the tournament to 96 teams. That would of been atrocious, I mean, the college basketball regular season is already not very important, making a 96 team tournament would of made the regular season as irrelevant as the plot of a porno.
College Football has produced some of the most entertaining games ever because of it's exciting overtime rules compared to the NFL where although close games are fun overtime sucks all the excitement out of it like taking notes during a movie. I'll get into NFL overtime some other time, but honestly, college football overtime is awesome. It is so well designed, that so many games are made great by double or triple overtime, Which if that happened in the NFL would suck because that means NO ONE WOULD BE SCORING. The best game I have ever seen live, and what I believe is the best football game of the 21st century, Oklahoma vs. Boise St. ended dramatically in overtime, and the greatness of the game was extended because of overtime whereas in the NFL overtime is just like "fuck lets end this game already" which isnt fitting at all!
College baseball gets less coverage but that is deserving because high school
players can be drafted and good college players won't stay for four years or even three. So the whole college baseball is system is just not right to get all commercial like football and basketball.
It's actually awesome to watch and really where the game is at its purest. College baseball is where the NCAA is truly at it's best, I'm not saying it doesnt pull some classic bullshit on players or teams like it always does but the experience of going to a college game is great, the fans are usually passionate and more supportive while being less drumk (some of the time). And enjoying the game is easier because these are kids that are playing the game for their team and because they love the sport. It is easier to cheer for them then some aloof star making 10 mil, while just coasting the year away until he can sign with a better team. So thank you NCAA for getting at least one sport (basketball) right, and not screwing up with another (baseball).
I could go into more college sports like lacrosse and hockey, and any womens sports, but I'll save that for another time. Especially because I really know nothing about those sports. I'm sorry. It's not my fault Sportscenter doesn't deem them interesting enough to cover at all.
That's it for now, give me your opinion, check out my other blog on movie reviews, and I'll try and keep regular updates. Now how are those brewers doing... fuck.


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