Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mavericks the Movie! Why Dallas Deserves the Finals

The Dallas Mavericks deserve to win the NBA Finals and I'll put the reasoning simply. The Mavericks winning creates a perfect sports film. Hoosiers will now be 3rd on the greatest basketball movies ever. (Spacejam will forever be number 1. solely for being the only sports movie to feature Porky Pig) The Dallas Mavericks story and plot won't need to be that brilliant, like Kelly's Heroes or The Expendables, it will carried simply by a great cast. Think of the characters already on this team.
Jason Kid = The old veteran who needs to sap every bit of energy out of his breaking down body. He provides a mentor role who has traveled this path before and is searching for that ring. On team trips and meetings he would be the quite, stoic type.
Jason Terry = Comic relief but still contributes. Gutsy big-mouthed
talking a ton. Hits huge 3s and runs his mouth all over the place.
Tyson Chandler = Total jock "nothing upstairs" type, have you seen him flex on the court? A beefcake for the women and just the general dolt.
J.J. Barea = Total Leprechaun. Small guy who is gutsy and is very sensitive about his fight. Willing to fight anyone. Heavy drinking Irishman
Peja Stoyakovich = The eastern European who gets benched in the Finals, his struggles are heartbreaking bring some sadness to the team
Deshawn Stevenson = Tough guy who is just your everyman. He is either partnered with his sub. Always talking with Jason Terry or he is the best friend to our leading man who is.....
NOT Dirk Nowitzski = Dirk is great but he just isn't the type of player people will relate too. He will be a great character, lots of depth there. Lots of loss and failure that he is finally taking care of, carrying his team to the end. I love Dirk and maybe I'm wrong with this but in my movie he is just another side character.
and your leading man is........
yes, I know you might be surprised
but think of my reasoning, he is a journeyman big guy who doesn't have any of the special skills that his teammates have. And through his own hustle and effort he gets important playing time in the finals to contribute to the team. (Don't forget this is Hollywood we are talking about, his looks don't matter too much, I think we could get away with casting George Clooney or even Will Smith!)

The only problem with this great blockbuster is that the antagonist's here are too generic. The Heat? 3 hated stars who even while losing mock the other players sicknesses, the team with the worst fans and have Pat Riley = clearly the devil as their leader. O Yea they where red and black. Come on no one is going to believe a team is that stereotypical evil.


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