Friday, April 29, 2011

Playoff Predictions/Wishful Thinking

In The West:


What will happen: Here is how you stop the Lakers, because no one in the league can one on one stop Kobe, you need great help defense to slow him down at least a little, or you need solid team d to take out everyone else from the game BESIDES Kobe, he might go for 60, but he can't go for 110. Sadly The Mavs have neither of these, further more Paul Gasol has to be getting pysched to face up against the one power forward in the league who can be pushed around more then him, Dirk Nowitzki. I think Dallas can steal a game or two in this round however they won't truly challenge the Lakers. The only interesting thing in this series is what is going to come out of Mark Cuban's mouth.
Wishful Dreaming: Here's what would be awesome, Tyson Chandler pushes around often passive Andrew Bynum. In activities night at the senior center, Jason Kidd dominates Derek Fisher. And Dirk Nowitzki actually becomes a leader and scores over 35 everygame. With Kobe's ankle re-injured by being juked out from JJ Barea, the Lakers fall in a sweep to end all sweeps.

What will happen: This one could be competitive if the Grizzlies hadn't just drained so much energy in winning that last series against the Spurs. It's strength vs. weakness for both teams, Memphis has the edge down low with the suddenly dominate Zach Randolph and "the other one" Gasol. But the Thunder have Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Durant will get his scoring but Westbrook is the real key, if he can be hot and run around on Mike Conley then this possible matchup nightmare will be a cruise for the Thunder.
Wishful Dreaming: The Griz ride that wave of emotion to Oklahoma City where Zach Randolph takes turns pushing through Serge Ibaka and matching up with Kendrick Perkins (a matchup that would look better in pads and a helmet). Shane Battier puts the clamps down on Kevin Durant holding him under 30 points. The big surprise comes from young Mexican hotshot Javier Vazquez out of Maryland surprises everyone and averages 18 in the series. Overall the team defense of Memphis slows down the athleticism of the Thunder. Discipline beats Talent. Leading to the greatest matchup of all time. Gasol vs. Gasol!

Kay the Sportsaholic is back! Thinking of reviving this blog to providing more consistent output. Give me some feedback on what you think.

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