Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Lebron chooses Miami over Chicago and the Cavaliers. What can I say?

How about, and quote me on this, What a load of shit.
This shit just makes me mad. what a waste of the offseason! This was billed as one of the best offseasons ever in exciting deals being done and massive change. Yea players changed teams but where's the heart in a NBA player. Let me explain, here is a rundown of the big NBA signings this year, Rudy Gay resigned because it was the max money he could get, Dwayne Wade stayed in Miami which everyone knew was going to happen, (NOT going to Chicago to be able to spend time with his kids), Chris Bosh was a total wuss in just piggybacking off of Wade, (if Wade went to Bulls Bosh would of followed), and lebron...... o Lebron... What amazes me is that for awhile I thought Lebron was actually going to establish his own personality as an individual, instead of being this complete corporate/NBA stooge. On multiple ocasions it has been shown how much Lebron is being controlled by Nike and the NBA and how they baby him. Yet this decision is somehow a combination between him being a dumbass and corporate nba being pleased. The NBA gets there super team that gets over exposure every night on ESPN, and lots of new jerseys to sell. NIke gets awhole new ad campaign. And Lebron gets to go play with his buddies in chasing a ring.
Now you might say, "Well he's trading stats for a possible title that's amazing."
NO NO NO, this is the worst assumption, yes his stats will fall and yea the whole point is to get a ring. But that's the trick, how selfish is it, to leave your hometown team that raised you to get a title somewhere else, just so you can be called the "greatest". And that's all Lebron cares about. He knows he wouldn't be called the best ever if he doesn't get some titles. and yet this decision guarantees he will never be better than jordan. Jordan failed to win in the playoffs in Chicago, so what did he do? He got better, played better, and dominated. After failing this year, Lebron gives up and is hoping to take the easy road.

That's right Lebron, like most of your three pointers, you FAIL.

P.S. Admittedly, I am happy the Bulls didn't really didn't shit compared to what they were hoping for


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